The BOSS fMSX front-end v2.0g

by anonymous on 27-07-2001, 00:05
Topic: Emulation

The BOSS MSX Front End is upgraded to version 2.0.g This launchpad for fMSX-DOS 1.6b2.a come with nice add-ons : MIDI files of music games, many pictures and instant parameters for some games. The auto-installation program unzips the files with the msx system roms and the emulator, that are included. The dsk and roms files are associated with The Boss MSX Front-End after reboot of the computer. New in version 2.O.g :

  • Music keeps playing after track finishes.
  • Added database functionality with auto-file-recognition.
  • All your game settings will now be stored.
  • Add music and image to the gamefiles known by the program and give them your own custom name.
  • Added a midiplayer.
  • You can now add your own images and sound to the program.
  • Better handling of program errors.
  • Added lots of music and images.
  • Color change.

You can find this front end on This version does not include the disk image of BOSS.DSK, a disk with all SCC musics from the Konami games. This disk image was available in version 2.0.f