AmiMSX2 V3.1

by tfh on 14-10-2000, 16:50
Topic: Emulation

AmiMSX2 V3.1 has been released, and is available at the MEP: New features in V3.1 are:

  • MSX2 Overscan support
  • Screen 2 and 4 ONE bank tile support.
  • 100% Compatible with all Motorola procesors (020/030/040/060)
  • Z-80A Emulation is now Syncronized (Slow but more Quality)
  • Now, a lot of things are 100% syncronized like a real MSX.
  • Full support of Line Interrupts.
  • CPU Emulation can run at Real/Fast/Turbo Modes.
  • Screen 8 Sprites are now emulated with your real colours.