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by snout on 26-06-2003, 23:56
Topic: Development

Ricardo Bittencourt send us an e-mail to let us know that he is working on a very special utility at the moment: 'Super Optimizador'. This Super-Optimizer generates highly optimized Z80-Assembly out of ordinary C commands.

You can pass a command through the Super Optimizer, which will then look through all possible options that have the right outcome. After that, it will calculate which is the fastest. This way, you get the best possible ASM code. However, it can take quite a while before the optimum result is given. Some commands can take up to 12 hours of calculating (tested on an Athlon XP 1.4GHz).

This program could become a useful tool for developers who need to squeeze all the speed they can get out of their MSX Computers.

Relevant link: Super Optimizador

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By Grauw

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27-06-2003, 01:23

This thing is *cool*!

By Arjan

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27-06-2003, 21:54

Maybe... usually it's better to optimize the algorithm. Some of the examples given at his page are nice, but it really depends on the situation whether code can be substituted for something elese. And 12 hours is kinda long, but hey if you run that program when you're sleeping you'll hardly notice Smile

By snout

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27-06-2003, 22:03

also, you could gather the information of earlier optimizations and combine them Wink