Konami development tools revealed

Konami development tools revealed

by Jorito on 19-06-2012, 15:09
Topic: Development

Every MSX developer has wondered how the professionals made their products. What did Micro Cabin use to create those fabulous soundtracks? How did T&E soft create their great graphics? What tools did Konami use to program their games?

Occasionally some of these questions are answered. For instance, the Liner notes of the Snatcher Joint Disk feature an interview with some of Konami's MSX composers and reveals interesting details on the way the music for most of Konami's SCC games was made.

And now, after all these years, the answer to the last question has also been revealed! MRC crew member Metalion found an interesting interview with Mr. Toshinari Oka, one of Konami's coders. Mr. Oka worked on a lot of MSX games, from Parodius and King Kong 2 to classic Metal Gear: Solid Snake. Apart from interesting details on the development of Solid Snake he also shares some technical details. At that time Konami used a HP 64000 for development. The HP 6400 was able to emulate the processors and RAM of micro computers and has a lot of slots for interfacing purposes. Konami used it to cross develop their MSX software in assembler. More information and speculation can be found on our forum.

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