GFX9000 library 0.5 + font pack

by snout on 12-11-2004, 22:25
Topic: Development

Marcel Delorme has just released a new version of his GFX9000 library. This library, intended to be used in combination with SjASM, provides a set of routines that can be used to write your own GFX9000 software. The new version contains many new functions, ready to be used.

Apart from the new routines the package also contains a new version of V9BMP, the GFX9000 BMP viewer and a tool to create G9B (compressed GFX9000 bitmap) files from BMP files on PC. To top it off Marcel also released a GFX9000 library font pack with loads of fonts that can be used with the GFX9000 library.

Relevant link: GFX9000 library
Relevant link: GFX9000 library font pack

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By msd

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15-11-2004, 14:19

the font pack link doesn't seem to work

By snout

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15-11-2004, 14:56

it should work now