Franky Development Tools

by hap on 19-01-2010, 16:04
Topic: Development

Franky, the external Sega Master System VDP cartridge by SuperSoniqs, is steadily getting more attention from developers. Yesterday, BiFi opened up a new section on his homepage with Franky mode 4 tools, to encourage development. The toolset currently consists of MSX Screen 5 to Franky mode 4 tile/sprite converters, and a simple viewer to check the result on Franky. BiFi plans to update the site incrementally, so more tools will follow.

Relevant Link: Franky Mode 4 Development Tools

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By spl

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21-01-2010, 01:56

Good news Big smile

By sd_snatcher

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21-01-2010, 22:08

Cool! A SMS->SCR5 converter tool woul be nice also. Hehehehe