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by snout on 30-03-2002, 10:43
Topic: Development

Most people will remember CAIN from their immense ammount of demo's on the Sunrise Picturedisks and the MSX game "Bozo's Big Adventure". Now you can view a huge collection of sources (a 124KB ZIP file) of this group on Hans Otten's MSX fun pages. Unfortunately Hans will not have a lot of time to update his site as often as he used to do, but there is a large collection of sources and hardware (D.I.Y.) information over there already. Check it out!

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By msxhans

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31-03-2002, 18:43

Sorry, no CAIN sources are available atm.

By Bart

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31-03-2002, 21:32

The publicing issue has been resolved. I made an error by not contacting my pal from Cain: Bard; The author. The sources are free to be published at MSXHans's site now.

By msxhans

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01-04-2002, 09:37

Sources are online!

By snout

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01-04-2002, 22:49

Good to hear Hans, Bart and Bard figured it all out in time Wink