asMSX v0.10c

by Latok on 25-08-2004, 19:26
Topic: Development

Source: MSX Posse

At the moment, Robsy is busy creating a Z80 cross-assembler for the Windows platform. He has released the second public version 0.10c just yesterday and you can all download it at his website right here.

In this version, some examplecode is included, as well as a bonus application: MSXwav, a util with which you can convert MSX binary files, MSX-BASIC tokenized files and MSX-BASIC ASCII files automatically to WAV files. The program documentation is only available in spanish as of now. This will soon change, though.

Relevant link: Robsy's MSX Workshop

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By sjoerd

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25-08-2004, 20:14

Yet another Z80 assembler Smile

By snout

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25-08-2004, 20:41

YAZA? Smile

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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25-08-2004, 21:29

Let's see if this one bring anything unique to the table Smile
Gonna check it out tonight...

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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25-08-2004, 22:12

It seems to have the use of square brackets [] in stead of round ones () for memory references in common with tniASM.. Glad to see more people like this syntax!

By pitpan

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25-08-2004, 22:24

I am afraid that I have taken it from A22I, the Z80 assembler by Martin Korth. I liked the syntax and so I used it.

The first assembler that I coded was GAL (Gameboy Assembler Lite) published back in 1999, and it used that syntax too. asMSX came in 2000, a bit earlier than TNI asm, but I am not sure.

Anyway, square brackets fit better for indirections, as they are always used in reference books. And this allows to use the normal ( and ) for matemathical operations.

By anonymous

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25-08-2004, 22:41

Regardless where you took it from (I did not make such an assumption) the commonality remains.

My reasoning for using [] is described in the manual. It mainly comes from the R800 assembly syntax.

I suppose A22I uses it because Martin Korth is a x86 assembly programmer.

As for tniASM's release date, it was august 2000.

By flyguille

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26-08-2004, 15:58

GuyveR800 you not need to makes clear nothing, what very understable that you only does a comparation... nothing more... no one assumption.

by the way, in my assembler programming, i use () because is like is writen in the book where i learned...

But, Robsy has a good reason for use [] because in that way is more easy to separate the parameters from a math formula......

But as my enviroment is based in tokenized source code, so , there is not maths formulas.....

Good Job Robsy, i hope that you continue very active like this year.

All we apreciate a lot your DEVs#0x and the result of that....

By anonymous

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26-08-2004, 18:54

Virtually all Z80 assemblers use (). AFAIK the only assemblers that use [] are listed here in this thread.
It's only logical, because using () is specified by ZiLOG.

Clear seperation of math and memory reference is indeed one of the advantages to using a different notation than ZiLOG specifies.

By sjoerd

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26-08-2004, 20:05

There are other Z80 assemblers accepting [] instead of (). Don’t remember the names at the moment… a80, as80? mac80? asmak? yaza80? Smile