asMSX released under GPL license

by snout on 29-07-2011, 12:40
Topic: Development

Earlier this year, the rights and source code to the popular MSX/Z80 cross-assembler asMSX were sold by its original developer pitpan. For a while it seemed like the unknown buyer that won the auction on eBay was not to release the software anymore. Until yesterday evening.

In this forum topic the new owner of the asMSX rights and source code revealed himself (cjv99) and announced the new status of the asMSX project, that is now available under GPL license right here on Google Code.

Relevant link: asMSX on Google Code

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By mth

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29-07-2011, 14:18

@cjv99: Thanks for liberating the source and creating a project!

I noticed that currently there is a download of the source, but the Subversion archive is just a skeleton. What process do you want to use for accepting contributions?

Maybe it is easier to switch to Git or Mercurial, since that allows you to pull in changes from people that they have published elsewhere (for example on github or bitbucket). With Subversion, you either have to give someone commit rights, which might be too big a step if you haven't seen their code yet, or you have to manually apply diffs, which is cumbersome for both the contributor and the maintainer.

Note: Google Code supports Git and Mercurial, so you can use the same project just different settings.

By sd_snatcher

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05-08-2011, 16:04

The project page needs a good description of the features this assembler have.

I currently use SjAsmPlus. What advantages does asMSX have over it?