MSXdev23 Winners-Loot-box

MSXdev23 Winners-Loot-box

by ro on 08-11-2023, 19:01
Topic: Challenges

The annual MSXdev game competition is running towards its conclusion, sporting an impressive list of sponsored items in the Winners Loot-Box. With the deadline for entering MSXdev23 past us, let's gaze into that box and uncover its content.

Since 2003, the MSXdev competition delivers a platform for any MSX game developer to show their skills. Entering this competition is easy, free, and helps visibility of new 8-bit magic. From its first issue, the compo has relied solely on donations and sponsorship for its prize money. A solid formula for every MSX geek to join, in any form. As a sponsor of MSXdev23, you get exposure in return.

The MSXdev uses a winners-loot-box principle, where sponsors can donate an item, and winners can pick one of those of choice. First winner gets first choice. A fair idea to establish that winners get what they truly like.

The current list of MSXdev23 sponsored items in the box, consists of the following :

And, if that's not all, there is also the regular donations winners money. This is the loot that anybody can contribute to, simply by donating. At the moment, there's close to one thousand (1000) euro of donations in prize money. All of by the scene. for the scene. Yes, that is awesome indeed. If you want to contribute, don't hesitate to hand-over a donation using PayPal.

A full overview of this year's MSXdev gamelist, sponsors, donations, and more, is available at the MSXdev23 web page.