MSXdev23 #17 Hopper Boy

MSXdev23 #17 Hopper Boy

by MSXdev Team on 18-09-2023, 19:26
Topic: Challenges
Tags: msxdev23, MSXdev

With Hopper Boy, your task is simply to collect diamonds for a new hi-score. The game is set in a bank with floors to scale up or down. At the top floor you'll find the safe, where you'd better stash them pretty shiny stones.

An arcade game with a simple concept to enjoy on a rainy day.

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Comments (2)

By Rataplan

Champion (354)

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25-09-2023, 21:09

I like the music! The ingame music reminds me hugely of the Carnivore2 menu music. The game itself has simple mechanics, nice for a quick play for me. It's a bit choppy though, at least running on my phone.
Will try to get a bit further when I can use a proper keyboard:-)

By Briqunullus

Paladin (771)

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25-09-2023, 21:19

Yeah. To give some credit, this is a game that any magazine would have loved to publish as a listing back in the days. So well done.