MSXdev23 #13 Bricks

MSXdev23 #13 Bricks

by MSXdev Team on 21-08-2023, 13:33
Topic: Challenges
Tags: msxdev23, MSXdev

With Bricks, another MSX2 game gets enrolled in the competition. The goal for each stage in this game is simple - just reunite Joe and his cat friend Sam. Avoid falling bricks and you'll be well on your way to success.

A multiplayer game for the MSX2 screen 7. It features MSX-Music tunes with PSG sound effects, all running from a DOS disk image.

You can submit your own work here. Donating to the contest can be done here.

Relevant link: Bricks
Relevant link: Play online

Comments (5)

By valkyre

Paladin (703)

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21-08-2023, 19:02

Very nice.

By tfh

Prophet (3430)

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21-08-2023, 19:43

Maybe it's also nice to mention that this was done with the help of Fusion-C Smile

By RealUnknownInfinite

Supporter (5)

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21-08-2023, 22:17

This is really well done!

By Rataplan

Champion (354)

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24-08-2023, 22:10

Yeah! MSX2! Great submission, congratulations on the game!

By ATroubleshooter

Expert (114)

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03-09-2023, 12:24

Well done.