MSXdev22 endorsement

MSXdev22 endorsement

by MSXdev Team on 01-07-2022, 16:26
Topic: Challenges

The MSXdev22 game contest is in full engagement and delivers fresh new MSX games while running. With a deadline just 3 month shy from today, game developers have a change of winning both money and items - both endorsed by donations. Become a sponsor yourself.

The MSXdev game contest is based around having-fun and show-us-what-you-got principles. A non-commercial program by the MSX scene, for the MSX scene. Simple as that. Many developers have already poured their heart and soul into crafting new games for this contest that's been running since 2003. And, with MSXdev, every-one's a winner, baby - that's no lie.

A contest wouldn't be complete without prizes, here's where the scene comes in. At MSXdev, winners have a change to actually win prize money and/or any kind of other precious matter. All donated by the same enthusiastic scene of MSX lovers.

MSXdev22 is looking for donations and sponsors. Any one willing to back the show can push the Paypal button and gift any amount of money. And like wise can any body be a sponsor by adding anything other than money. Anything goes, just contact the MSXdev team to take part. 100% of the donations and sponsored items will go to the game developers.

As MSXdev22 started earlier this year, several donation and sponsored items have already been received. Here's a list of current prizes:

Be part of something awesome!

relevant link: MSXdev donations
relevant link: MSXdev22

Comments (5)

By M-A-D-M-A-X

Expert (128)

M-A-D-M-A-X's picture

01-07-2022, 22:15

Yeah ! Support the msx Dev and and make a donation Smile

By valkyre

Paladin (724)

valkyre's picture

04-07-2022, 19:13

I agree. It is good to support this comp, so dig deep guys!

By M-A-D-M-A-X

Expert (128)

M-A-D-M-A-X's picture

08-07-2022, 20:40

Like last year, use social networks to promote the msx Dev Cool

By Amaury Carvalho

Resident (41)

Amaury Carvalho's picture

14-07-2022, 00:51

Let's support this contest, guys, by showing all your talent in new games for the community. In a year with so much bad news around the world, it's even more important that we invest a little of our time in the good things that unite us...

For those who know how to program in MSX Basic, it's worth a look at how to create a game using the MSXBAS2ROM compiler. Here you can find some information on how to use this tool. Likewise, some examples of simple games (with source code included) can be found here.

By Uninteresting

Champion (378)

Uninteresting's picture

14-07-2022, 17:01

TBH, I feel uneasy about both participating and donating money to the prize pool. I know I will be turning down anything in the unlikely case of winning something, but still.