MSXdev21 #31 - Open Wide!

MSXdev21 #31 - Open Wide!

by MSXdev Team on 02-09-2021, 14:17
Topic: Challenges
Tags: msxdev21, MSXdev

Hakogame’s Open Wide! is not for the faint of heart, as we’re seriously pulling dents. In this role, you have to find and remove bad teeth from the patient's mouth. For that, you have several tools available.

Perhaps the tooth fairy might help you out with this one, if you ask her nicely.

Contestants have until the end of August to submit their entries. If you are enjoying this MSXdev game, why not consider donating to the prize money. 100% of the donations will go to the game developers.

The MSXdev21 contest runs from January 1st to September 1st, 2021.

Relevant link: Open Wide!
Relevant link: Play online

Comments (4)

By Pineapple

Resident (47)

Pineapple's picture

02-09-2021, 15:48

Pro tip: use the pliers to help narrow down where the bad teeth are, they work sort of like sonar.
if you have a group of teeth like so:

and pull one in the middle:

You will be told (via hot/cold) if any of the other teeth in that area are bad (hot), or they are all good (cold)

Also there is a rare chance that the mirror will highlight 2 bad teeth.

Use your tools wisely.

My best score was over 29,000 points, but there is always an element of luck to the game.

By Amaury Carvalho

Resident (41)

Amaury Carvalho's picture

02-09-2021, 17:19

Very funny, clever and interesting game concept!

I guess it was written in MSX Basic and compiled with MSXBAS2ROM in MegaROM mode, right?

To run it on a real machine, use SofaRUN or ODO.

Also, to run it on WebMSX emulator set the ROM format to KonamiSCC.

By Pineapple

Resident (47)

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02-09-2021, 18:50

Yes, msxbas2rom was quite useful for me.

By ren

Paragon (2005)

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04-09-2021, 12:35

Nice/funny. I think it would have been reasonable to give a hefty penalty (score wise) when you're pulling the wrong tooth? Seems wrong just pulling teeth randomly to get a hot/cold indicator? Wink I played a bit, not sure if there's much value in the pick (2 turns implied) when you can just pull costing you 1 turn(?)