MSXdev’21 #5 – Break Bomb

MSXdev’21 #5 – Break Bomb

by MSXdev Team on 25-04-2021, 18:41
Topic: Challenges

Regular MSXdev contestant Gamecast delivered a fast paced game that demands nerves like steal. Welcome to MSXdev21's fifth entry.

You will find yourself in a labyrinth, navigating with a screen that scrolls both vertically as well as horizontally. Your task is to defuse all the bombs as quickly as possible within the time limit of 30 seconds. If you fail to do so, you lose a life. Every 6 game levels, there is a bonus level. To enter the bonus level, enter the yellow door.

Contestants have until the end of August to submit their entries. If you are enjoying this MSXdev game, why not consider donating to the price money. 100% of the donations will go to the game developers.

The MSXdev21 contest runs from Jan 1st to Sep 1st, 2021.

relevant link: Break Bomb
relevant link: Play online

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By KdL

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25-04-2021, 22:19

To BREAK it you can press CTRL + STOP. Wink