MSXdev’20: #09 – Cuncuna

MSXdev’20: #09 – Cuncuna

by MSXdev Team on 18-07-2020, 19:22
Topic: Challenges

Hey kids, remember The Very Hungry Caterpillar?

Well, now we actually get to play one, in a Snake-inspired (yes, the eating one, but not the one eating in the jungle) classic experience.

Contrary to most games of this type, you’ll only die when you manage to take a bite out of your own body, but this variant adds extra strategy by having a very maze-like map layout, so we’ll have to be careful about the path to take in order to gobble up all of the goodies.

This adds a fresh puzzle element which we hope will entertain you.

  • Name of the game: Cuncuna
  • Game size: 16KB
  • RAM size requirements: 16KB
  • Genre: Arcade
  • License: Freeware
  • Individuals involved: Christian Córdova

Relevant link: MSXdev homepage

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  • MSXdev’20: #09 – Cuncuna
  • MSXdev’20: #09 – Cuncuna
  • MSXdev’20: #09 – Cuncuna
  • MSXdev’20: #09 – Cuncuna
  • MSXdev’20: #09 – Cuncuna

Comments (7)

By tfh

Prophet (3347)

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18-07-2020, 20:07

By Uninteresting

Champion (352)

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18-07-2020, 20:37

Thanks to the author for reminding me of a research paper named "Simple Slithering is Hard unless You Are a Fat Hippo". No, really.

I've given it only one go so far, but I like the idea. Reminds me of Millie and Zombillie (games on Switch and probably also on mobile platforms, maybe elsewhere, too).

By Thom

Paladin (706)

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19-07-2020, 09:59

This game is based on Nibbler, an arcade game from 1982. There is a documentary about a guy trying to get a billion points in Nibbler: "Man vs Snake", which is entertaining (but not as much as The King of Kong).

As I always liked Nibbler I'm happy to see a Nibbler on MSX!

By Pippo

Hero (521)

Pippo's picture

19-07-2020, 10:08

Very, very cool like the Coin-Op!! Big smile Big smile
It is pretty similar to that one about the graphics and sound!
Very Big Congratulations to Christian, really! Smile Smile

By Uninteresting

Champion (352)

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19-07-2020, 11:00

I didn't know what the first game like this was, so thanks for educating me Smile

Such games are still being made and sold (in digital distribution channels) on modern platforms, yet I prefer this to at least Millie (one of said paid releases), starting with the lack of scrolling and the sound effects that make me think of a train are also more memorable. So yeah, I'm very impressed as well. Somehow the second stage felt easier than the first (and the third).

By Christian

Supporter (1)

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02-08-2020, 07:52

Thanks pippo. Nibbler was one of my favorite games in the 80s and when it was no longer available in arcades, I thought about trying to develop it for MSX, the first attempt was in Basic, but I hated the char by char movement, because the slow language, then i started programming in assembler. I designed the screens from what I could remember because I no longer had access to play the original game

By gdx

Enlighted (6221)

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02-08-2020, 08:32

Thanks for this fun game.

Mame emulator or youtube videos can refresh your memory.