VDP probing tools?

by FiXato on 24-01-2013, 22:26
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By turbor

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25-01-2013, 19:20

You see two things on the screen.

The first files are part of creating a (copy-protected) diskimage for openMSX.
The tool (written by Wouter) is capable of storing all the low level track-info of the original disk. So the copy protection remains intact and you can run those disks in openMSX without resorting to a hacked/cracked version.

The second files are indeed some of the VDP probing tools here. Newer PC's come without a floppy interface so the openMSX crew had to do some elaborate transfering to get the files from USB stick to actual disks for the real hardware.

By FiXato

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25-01-2013, 19:21

What's with VDP-ANAL.TXT then? ;-)

By turbor

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25-01-2013, 23:10

It describes the working of VDP-SODO.COM not shown in this image Tongue