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By [D-Tail]

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17-12-2008, 20:01

Regarding the old issue of screen 4 and scrolling: isn't VSCREEN an option here?

Anyway, I too like the idea of having a GFX9000 game very much Smile

By tonigalvez

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17-12-2008, 20:04

Ok, thanks ALEXWORP, you will have a mesage from me when I find a MSX programer than converts the code from Speccy to MSX.

It´s there some Programer there that wants to do?

By pitpan

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17-12-2008, 23:51

If there is no coder then there is no game, I'm afraid.

By RyJuZo

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18-12-2008, 01:39

If there is no coder then there is no game, I'm afraid.

I think most developers R currently involved in other projects. We're still working on Knightmare 3 for example.

Maybe after we're done...

but it won't be a MSX1 game if we do it...but a GFX9000+Moonsound....

By poke-1,170

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18-12-2008, 04:04

huh.... turrican 1 with the music of turrican 3 Smile
guess you used that midi> SCC player for pc ?
Still, one of my favourite games ever. Both on 64
and amiga.

By tonigalvez

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18-12-2008, 13:25

Yes, as I put in the videocoment, I use spc2midi to convert snes Super Turrican to midi and later play with GSSCC.
The conversion is fantastic.

By SLotman

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18-12-2008, 13:37

Ok, a little OT... this GSSCC convert MIDI to SCC? Where can I find this precious tool????

Edit: Oh, never mind, just found it, it's GXSCC and it doesn't convert to SCC, just play midi as SCC Tongue

By Fudeba

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18-12-2008, 14:18


I can port it, but my spare time is a real concern. A straight port with no improvements and no changes in the overall game work would take about a month or two if everything goes fine (probably it will not). Anyway, I don't think everybody is in a hurry, right? Smile
The main problem is I'm compromised with some older projects at this moment, so I don't believe I could start right now. Also, I would like to say that, with full color, the speed would be reasonable only at 7MHz computers or turboRs (for a straight port). It is not "bad programming", it is "the best one can do when *porting*" - and not reprogramming the entire video and sound engine.

About improvements:
a) Translate the game to plain patterns: it can be easy or very hard. It will depends on how the game cope with VRAM data. SimCity, for example, was "near impossible", since the game uses lots of patterns and, to make it worse, apply "logical operations" on patterns already on the screen). Converting to patterns could allow more well defined, colorful patterns, but also require extensive video engine reprogramming (a *lot* of work).
b) Add sprites to the main character: maybe this can be done, but usually it will require all sprites fit in one sprite table. In a straight port there are no spare Z80 cycles to refill sprite pattern table every interrupt.
c) Adding sprites to enemies: no-go in a straight port. Sprite cycling is also time consuming... and probably will require sprite pattern refill.
d) Adding music is interesting, but it is not "that easy" when you have RAM space and CPU constraints. The music and replayer should be made to fit the restrictions and not the other way around (ignore the restrictions).
e) Adding (hardware) smooth scroll: well, it is not "that simple". The hardware does some part, that's true, but it does in a way it is a real pain. Using set adjust and hardware scroll is only possible (as a feature) if every character is an sprite. And even in that case, it will require extra effort to correct the sprite positions at every frame. If using MSX2/2+ smooth scroll, it will be nice for horizontal (MSX2+) but vertical scroll is a pain... because it requires the sprite repositioning (and avoiding the "disable sprite line"). Also, it requires screen split, since there is a score table below the screen. Screen split and smooth scroll are *not* a problem when you designed a game to use of it... but it is a real problem when "adjusting" a game that was not designed to use it.

These are my comments about this topic. If anyone has more time, has time to do it now, and think can do a better job than me - since there are dozens of more capable programmers here, then I can offer my help.
I really don't know if I will have the time to do this port this year (2009).

By anonymous

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18-12-2008, 15:31

wiki brings answers:So, the question here is: what 'mode' does Turrican on the Amiga use?

I remember playing turrican on my old Amiga500, a non-AGA machine. So it uses a maximum of 64 colours from a palette of 4096.


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18-12-2008, 16:25

IMHO the conversion has meaning only in screen 4 (and above), using tiles, palette change and 2 colors per line in each character.
Maybe also in screen 2 could work but the artist has to work a lot more...

The most interesting feature of the game was the fast action and the graphic.
The ZX version renounced to the graphic (due to HW limits) keeping the fast action.
Porting that graphic engine to MSX would mean renouncing to both graphic and fast action.
This implies with probability 1 a crappy result.

No smooth scroll needed, provided that the game stay fast.

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