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17-12-2008, 14:29

you mean START the game: that is only a video from spectrum with color changed

By wolf_

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17-12-2008, 14:39

We need someone to say 'Yes we Turrican!'

By viejo_archivero

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17-12-2008, 14:44

You've been an MSX1-fetishist for far too long, read this, for a change!
Too much power for me. And, remember: "With great power comes great responsibility"! Tongue

By Hrothgar

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17-12-2008, 14:47

As the author already posted: remaking the game is currently no option due to lack of resources. That being said, I'd rather see this game released as MSX1 than as MSX 2. For MSX1 this quality is impressive, for MSX2 hardly so as is also posted on the Youtube link. Redoing it in MSX2 with quality doing justice to the C64 original would mean doing things such as variable screensplits with independent x and y scroll while realtime updating background tile patterns to keep the parallax effect going. Not the easiest task.

By pitpan

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17-12-2008, 15:08

I have to say that I loved the ZX version. Fast paced action and very colourful, incredibly smooth even for blocky scroll because of the action. I'd love to see a 1:1 conversion for MSX1. And, of course, if sprites can be used to improve the main character drawing and update all the blocks from ZX specs (2 colors/8x8 block) to MSX specs (2 colors/8x1 block), then it can be awesome.

But if all you want to do is just changing the colour palette and adding a fancy screenshot, that doesn't make it a real MSX2 game.

I'll stick to MSX1. But you know, I'm a TMS9918 integrist. And I'm not going to code it, so, let the team decide.

About our willingness to pay for a cartridge version of this game, I'd say that the regular cartridge price would be fine. That's about 15-25 euro IIRC. But don't count on becoming rich, MSX development is not a mainstream business ATM.

By tonigalvez

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17-12-2008, 16:16

Yeah, The game fit better on MSX1 and 15-25 € its a very racionable prize for the cartrige.

We better moving to MSX1 platform.

The decision now is:

+Turrican is going to be converted to MSX1.
+Main caracter can be improved by putting sprites on it (mixing sprites with paterns), the caracter can be far more than its now.

I can make the extra graphics for the logo and the screens.

Now I need a coder interested on make it.

Someone there?

By viejo_archivero

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17-12-2008, 16:53

If someone decides to code a version of Turrican for MSX, I suggest the following: make the main character and enemies (excluding big bosses) with sprites. A flickering routine will do fine when lots of sprites are near, and you can still move your character smoothly when no scroll is needed. I also suggest using patterns for main character's bullets.

Anyway, if it is planned to be a patch from the zx spectrum version, just leave it as is, with no add-ons (except menu screens or logos). Including SC2 graphics would be really hard. Moreover, perhaps you must move to monochrome, because of the heavy transfers... the speccy does not feature tile modes, so it will be a pain in the ass to send a full SC2 graphics frame when the game scrolls (it will feature heavy slowdowns)... It would be far better to redo the gfx engine so you can just update name table: but that would be a really hard task with lots of code...

So my opinion is: remake the whole game from scratch using zx spectrum maps as a basis, or just port it 1:1. Just my 2 cents.

By MäSäXi

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17-12-2008, 17:47

Good luck with that... Turrican is pretty fast on Spectrum, to just "convert it" to MSX, would be a challenge even bigger than converting GnG... and the speed on MSX won't be the same.

I would love a plain spec->MSX conversion, since this game doesn't even look like a spectrum one! (No color spill, very colorfull character and enemies... almost as colorfull as AMC)

Slotman, I personally won´t care that MSX port will be slower than Spectrum original. In the old days, I didn´t know that MSX ports were slower than Spectrum originals, and all those ports ran at sufficient speed Smile (except HORRIBLE Hunt for red october, but that is damn SLOW game anyway).

So, that´s why I can say "just convert it". Wink Smile Maybe you others don´t like lesser speed, but it won´t bother me, if I can play it on my Dear MSX. Smile

By tonigalvez

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17-12-2008, 18:29

Do you know Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on MSX? is a Speccy conversion, with the colors and everything the same, but people dont care because the graphics are good, the colors are good and the speed is good, like Astro Marine Corps, the Speccy conversion goes fantastic.

A direct conversion of Turrican on MSX1 is fully viable, bases on other conversions, It can be at good speed maintain que colors and all the details.

By alexworp3

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17-12-2008, 19:18

Regarding the music: io once made a moonblaster version of the last level of turrican. I am willing to give this version for msxturrican if you ever need it

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