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09-04-2023, 19:11

From today is available a new MSX1 edition of our classic strategy game, LOSTWIND. The game can be downloaded for free at SotanoMSXBBS.



The game is in Spanish, but I'm considering translating it to English if there are enough people interested. If you are interested, let me know here.


By Oniric-Factor

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09-04-2023, 19:15

I have not yet been able to create a manual for the neophytes, so I will try to make a brief summary here.

The objective of the game is to go through a certain number of parsecs in a certain number of days (turns).

The more you advance, the higher the level of the enemies you encounter.

Our ship has three basic characteristics:

ATK: Attack level (Lasers).
DEF: Defense level (Shields)
STC: Hull resistance (armor).

To get improvements, or energy we will have to trade with the different species that we find along the way, but we will have to take into account that each of them uses a different currency.

We can get new resources by defeating enemies, finding abandoned wrecks...

We must also keep in mind that most of our actions require a certain amount of energy and consume time (days) so we will have to carefully manage our steps if we want to complete our mission.