MSX Genesis - new book by Eric Boez

MSX Genesis - new book by Eric Boez

by ro on 23-01-2023, 10:37
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A new book has dropped recently about the history of MSX, written by Eric Boez. This print is available as a hard-cover edition at the Amazon worldwide online market. No less than 100 pages about our favorite topic, to be delivered right at your doorstep. Real print for real MSX fans, a must have!

Once in a while, a dedicated piece of writing is announced for a system that's, when you think of it, been off the market for way too long. Coinciding with the 40th year of MSX existence, author Eric Boez treats us to a write-up on the rise of MSX microcomputers. As he is based in France, he draws from his own memories, which also gives us an inside look of the French microcomputer Market at that that time.

In his book, Eric takes us back to the early 1980s, when microcomputing slowly but steadily started to enter common households. Dozens of models of microcomputers existed on this nascent market. These computers were all incompatible with each other, as they were brand-specific and weren't designed to exchange programs or peripheral hardware. However, from Japan came a proposal for rationalization that gave birth to the very first universal standard of microcomputing: the MSX, ofcourse.

This book relays the history of this genesis, starting with the genius idea of a certain ASCII director called Kazuhiko Nishi, the involvement of Microsoft, the hardware origins of MSX computers, the promises of a standard, and ultimately the reasons for its failure.

As a writer, Eric Boez has a few more publications under his belt, mostly MSX related. Earlier work includes an MSX-DOS technical handbook and a copy of the MSX Technical Data Book, for example. Other books are Mélusine, a fantasy-type story, and an autobiography that talks about the author's struggle with diabetus.

His latest work, MSX Genesis, is now for sale at Amazon - worldwide. The book is available in both English and French language and will be yours for a mere €15 bucks; shipping excluded.

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  • MSX Genesis - new book by Eric Boez

コメント (5)

By Briqunullus

Paladin (760)

Briqunullus さんの画像

23-01-2023, 18:33

Nice work! Do you have the table of contents available? I'd like to get an idea what's inside.

By journey

Hero (577)

journey さんの画像

23-01-2023, 18:58

Received today!
English version

By shalafi

Master (164)

shalafi さんの画像

23-01-2023, 19:21

Funny that I have another book called Genesis, and it's about games for 8 bit computers made in Spain.
Looks like a nice addition to my bookshelf

By shalafi

Master (164)

shalafi さんの画像

01-02-2023, 19:42

It just arrived. Looks nice, although thinner than I expected, and with a large font too (which I appreciate)

By Mumbly

Expert (121)

Mumbly さんの画像

10-02-2023, 23:23

Just received, big thanks to Eric to continue to write valuable MSX content.