Colecovision hardware expansion to msx and vice versa

By sergem

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31-12-2022, 19:58

I Just bought a colecovision and i was wondering they had an expansion kit for using atari 2600 cartridges but not for MSX, strange, as the colecovision is more familiar with msx and is there a hardware item that could make it possible to use real colecovision cartridges on a msx(2)?
I think a lot of people would be interested



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31-12-2022, 22:25

Look for SGM. It is a ram expansion with AY8910.
Almost all msx1 games ported to colecovision relies on that


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31-12-2022, 23:23

By gdx

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01-01-2023, 10:20

There are expansions to run colecovision games on MSX. These are the cartridges fitted with an SN76489AN as for example the Musical Memory Mapper.

Not all games work because MSXs don't have /NMI interrupt and Colecovision PAL games are often designed for PAL console. NTSC ones for the NTSC version. Many Colecovision games do not like this simple change. On MSX, the management of interrupts is not as restrictive. Sometimes it takes a lot of modifications to make Colecovision games work on MSX even with one of these hardware.

So to make a module to run Colecovision cartridges on MSX, it would be necessary to completely reproduce the hardware of the console with a separate video output too. It therefore makes more sense to do an independent console that would be simpler and cheaper to produce.