Happy new year 2023

Happy new year 2023

by ro on 31-12-2022, 16:42
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Shazam! it is 2023 already! With that, we, the MRC crew, wish you another great year to come! This year we will celebrate the 40th year of MSX existence, and the fact that we're still here! We have a look back at past year, and glancing at 2023 in this -long- post.

Who would've thought, back in '83, that 40 years later a collective of worldwide fanatics would celebrate the birthday of the MSX system. Well, we do! This year we will celebrate just that… so a happy new year, indeed! Congratulations to all of you for sticking around and give that 8-bit system a very warm heart all these years. Let's see what else 2023 will bring us, and if it can top the past one.

In 2022 we had quite an interesting MSX year, it looks as if this retro-computing thing is in better shape every year. MSX not excluded. Here at MRC we see that in the amount of news posts and forum activity. We've seen new hardware, many new games, lots of those even on cartridge, and new impressions we're still amazed about. We've seen new people connecting, but we've also had to say goodbye to some community members.

While we're celebrating 40 years of MSX, we also take a moment to remember MRC users Remy van der Bor, Wammes Witkop, and Albert Buurmeijer. Rest in peace brothers, you will be missed.

When looking back at news in 2022, besides the 34 MSXdev22 entries, we will see a lot of new games either announced or released. Like Pampas, Maze of Galious MSX2, Black Sea Treasure Hunters, Virgil's Purgatory-ex, Deva digital, Old Andrey Rodionov games, Campanera, Decade Dungeon Gaiden, Paco time-attack, Bufonada physical, Lilly physical, and K-Jo Chases the Cheese. We also seen other software, like Symbos 31, Star Force enhanced, Konpass, Futuredisk, Glass 0.6, Nextor 2.11, OpenMSX 18, MSX-music game patches, Sa-Zi-Ri English, G8net Midi, ADX player, Graphics Display, SCC Muzix Dizc 1 2022, MSX Pixel Art, and Gold disk 5.

We got more software from the compos MSXBlog - MSXGotY 2021 results, MSX-BASIC Competition #9 - results, MSX on Revision2022 demo party, and MSXdev22 - Games Summary.

For hardware it wasn't a bad year either, with Flashjacks Firmware upgrade, Carnivore 2.50, Spectrolyzer, ADAM, MiniMSX, UniMapper, HIC board, Arrowpad, MSX turbo R upgrade board, and Slot Expander.

Every month we gave you an update on new submitted software to our download database, and the top-10 most downloaded software. We even did a little upgrade on this old lady, by adding news-bits and better scaling on the web site. Also, there were two interviews on MSX pioneers Masamitsu Niitan and Nishi Kazuhiko mentioned. Furthermore we had these: MSX MIDI Remakes 3, MOAI-TECH #11 online magazine, Coordimates, Clube MSX # 15 pre-sale - English and Portuguese, H20 Gaming Expo - the Netherlands, MSX music arrangements by DrDRE3, New poke-1,170 Album, New website Repair-Bas,

Perhaps the most curious news type where those nine (8) MSX fair or meeting announcements:
RetroMadrid 2022, Registration opened for MSX Fair Nijmegen 2022, NL MSX-club West-Friesland Clubdag meeting April 2022, MSX meeting in Stuttgart june 2022, 58th Barcelona MSX users meeting, Málaga MSX meeting 2022, MSX Fair Nijmegen 2023, 59th Barcelona MSX users meeting. Go figure, we still enjoy coming together and talk shop after all those years.

And that's only the news section of MRC that shows how active MSX is in 2022. Looking at user interaction, at the forum, wiki, comments, we had 129 new forum topics and a total of 13462 forum posts, 2088 new post comments and 7540 wiki edits. Looking at the top 3 users that got involved, we have MRC users sdsnatcher73 (1501), gdx (1035), and Manuel (844) posting content. Yes, we have a very active community here on msx.org.

When looking forwards to the year 2023, the MSX Resource Center will keep on serving this community platform and be your one-stop MSX resource as long as needed. We, as humble admins, stay on top of things and provide news, help out with any site related issues, do some moderation where needed, and keep the connection. However, since this vessel's been truckin' for over 10 years already, we have some changes in mind and need your help for that. More on that later in another news post.

In order to do all that, the MRC needs funding to keep the wheels turning. This website is running only because the kindness of connected users. For as you probably know, we don't make any profit, nor are we selling anything. We, the MSX community, are the reason MRC exists in the first place. From that same community we get donations to pay the bills. Have you contributed yet? Please do - every penny goes into the MSX machine. Here's how to donate: Donations for MRC. I'm sure every one will thank you for that.

And with that, we have nothing other to say than HAPPY NEW YEAR ya'll!

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By sdsnatcher73

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31-12-2022, 18:51

Happy 2023!

By KdL

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31-12-2022, 23:29

Happy 2023 !! Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By edoz

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01-01-2023, 00:44

Thank you all for 2022 and see you all in 2023! Love to MSX!

By turbor

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01-01-2023, 01:06

Happy 2023!

By Latok

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01-01-2023, 01:45

Enjoyed reading this post, thx! And best wishes Smile

By aoineko

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01-01-2023, 01:58

Happy new year 2023 to all.

It should be a great year for MSX and MSXians. \o/

By [D-Tail]

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01-01-2023, 02:16

Happy, healthy & prosperous 2023 y'all! Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By ToriHino

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01-01-2023, 02:49

Happy 2023!

By valkyre

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01-01-2023, 03:52

Happy new year everyone!

By Popolon_fr

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01-01-2023, 04:11

Happy New Year.

By max_iwamoto

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01-01-2023, 06:29

Happy New Year!

By SkalTura

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01-01-2023, 07:48

I wish all of you, and your families, a happy and healthy 2023

By TheClash603

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01-01-2023, 09:02

Happy New Year!

Here's to a safe, healthy, prosperous, and fun 2023... with some spare time to play MSX!

By Bastion Rebel

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01-01-2023, 10:17

happy new Year !!
Paci e Salute a tutti !!

By lintweaker

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01-01-2023, 10:33

Best wishes for 2023!

By gdx

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01-01-2023, 10:38

Happy New Year!

Wow, 40 years...

By Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

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01-01-2023, 12:19

Happy 2023 !

... also from
Tadahiro Nitta

By Robosoft

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01-01-2023, 12:55

MSX 40 years, and more alive than ever! Happy 2023 all!

By alexito

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01-01-2023, 13:02

Happy New Year 2023 everyone!
Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By edoz

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01-01-2023, 13:10

Really cool news post! What a overview!

By Daemos

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01-01-2023, 15:08

Happy new 2023! Lets be happy and healthy together.

By The Apeman

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01-01-2023, 15:32

Happy 2023 Big smile

By Sebbeug

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01-01-2023, 16:40

Happy new year

Bonne année !!!

By Uninteresting

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01-01-2023, 16:44

Happy new year!

I highly appreciated that wrap-up; a reminder of how much had happened here over the year.

By Samor

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01-01-2023, 19:18

Happy new year!

By tfh

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01-01-2023, 19:48

What a nice wrap-up of the MSX-year Smile Thanks!
And the best wishes for all of you & your loved ones Smile

By thegeps

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01-01-2023, 21:34

Happy new year everyone!

By dan

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02-01-2023, 09:06

happy new year!

By cax

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02-01-2023, 11:52

Happy new year!

Have you seen this:


IMHO it deserves a separate post.

By Jipe

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02-01-2023, 12:58

Happy new year for all MSX users Wink

By Takamichi

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02-01-2023, 13:00

Happy new year!

By Micha

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02-01-2023, 19:18

Best wishes!

By Rataplan

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03-01-2023, 00:20

Best wishes to all! Big smile

By Imanok

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03-01-2023, 01:11

Happy New Year everybody!! Keep on MSXing!! Wink

By SonyTEL

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03-01-2023, 01:53

Belle année 2023 Happy New Year ????

By roadfighter

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03-01-2023, 07:57

Have a great 2023 and keep those MSX computers going.

By Haze

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03-01-2023, 11:38

Happy New Year, everyone! Let's enjoy a full 2023bits this year! Tongue

By DTensoMSX

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03-01-2023, 17:30

Happy new year 2023! Wink

By MSX4ever

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04-01-2023, 08:00

Happy new year !

By M-A-D-M-A-X

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04-01-2023, 18:58

Happy new year ! Cool

By Wolverine_nl

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06-01-2023, 14:49

Happy new year every1!! Smile

By AnsiStar

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06-01-2023, 20:31

Happy new year to everyone ( and no smoking Hit Bits Wink )

By ATroubleshooter

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06-01-2023, 22:15

Thank you. And Happy New Year 2023 2u2!

By JohnHassink

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07-01-2023, 09:58

Best of wishes for 2023 to everyone! I hope this will be another great year for you and for MSX.

By ace82

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10-01-2023, 11:25

Hey guys
Late but happy new year everybody

By AxelStone

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10-01-2023, 11:32

Happy new year and hopefully see all of you in 2024.