Call for project assistance

By tanuki

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04-12-2022, 13:05

Hello everyone.

As I said in my introduction topic I am the director of Côté Gamers, a publishing house that publishes games and books about games.

This topic is to launch a request for help to the community.
Let me explain:

We have a collection called "SHMUP", dedicated to shooters.
The first volume is about the SNES (ideal machine to start with, with 60 games, well known by the public, etc).
We also have volumes 1 on the arcade and the NES ready. We would like to publish a volume on the MSX.

The books in question are encyclopedias. The goal is to inform the readers, as well as to preserve a maximum of information on the subject (for other publishing houses, historians passionate about video games, etc).
So they present all what constitutes the games discussed: scenario, gameplay, characters, levels, bonuses, bosses...

For the MSX we will do the same.

We want to publish the book in French, English and Spanish.

We are looking for help to complete this project. Roman has already offered to help, but we need a few more people, at least for specific tasks:

-sorting our first list of games to make sure they are shooters and that they fit the definition in our encyclopedia.

-Find the game notices: scans or photos of the pages related to the scenario, gameplay, vehicles, characters, weapons and objects.

-Translate the Japanese text screens and notices.

-Editing the texts of the book.

-possibly participate in the writing of the texts (but there are some criteria to respect to get quality).

If you are interested you can contact me via this forum or directly on our mail at

▲you will replace the XXX by @

I will answer all questions of course.

Let's talk about the book:

-it will be in A4 format (21 X 29.7cm)
-hard cover
-100% in color
-the number of pages will be up to 400. We are planning several volumes for the MSX. Volume 1 will cover part of the alphabetical order of our list.

Of course, we will offer the book to those who help us and probably other gifts (games etc). These kinds of projects don't bring in much or nothing, we do them out of passion. You have to be aware that nobody (including us) will make money with this book.

want to see pics of the SNES vol ?


By aoineko

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04-12-2022, 13:31

There was a discussion about « Shmup » on MSX not long ago on the MSX Village.
You can find a quite complete list there.

Good luck with this great project!

By shalafi

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04-12-2022, 22:31

Yeah, making money or of these books it's quite hard. I wrote mine about MSX basic without knowing if it would sell anything at all.

It is nice to have these type of books, I'll most likely but a copy, but the amount of copies sellable on such small noche is very small.

By gdx

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05-12-2022, 09:20

You can find a general list of shoot'em up here:

And another for ROMs only (but more complet) here:

By tanuki

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07-12-2022, 13:12

Thank you.
We'll cross check the 3 lists we have ^^.

Roms are very interesting too.

We already find someone to scan some notices, so we are making good progress.

By tanuki

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07-12-2022, 13:12

Yeah, but I think we can at least sell 100 copies if we translate it into spanish too.

By Jipe

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07-12-2022, 20:09

you can find tests and images of the games here :
and game manuals
good luck with your project

By tanuki

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10-12-2022, 12:25

Thank you Wink

By dan

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23-12-2022, 10:24

mail sent

By tanuki

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24-12-2022, 09:12

Thank you dan. You have an answer Wink