New website Repair-Bas

New website Repair-Bas

by JohnHassink on 04-12-2022, 15:09
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Bas Kornalijnslijper is a Dutch MSX-guru when it comes down to hardware. Does your beloved MSX need repair? Or do you just want to upgrade it a bit? Extra RAM, conversion to MSX2+, no problem! Looking for a monitor? Bas has got you covered! Anyway, he recently moved his website to a new server and a new domain, although the old domain ( will stay active for historical reasons.

Right now, the website and documents are still only in the Dutch language, but Bas would like to have those translated to English. The website translation will be quite easy, but he is looking for someone who can translate the documents. You can contact him through his website.
Last, but not least, Bas has started putting videos online of his hardware endeavours on his YouTube channel. Link below.

Relevant link: Repair-Bas
Relevant link: Bas' YouTube channel

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By The Apeman

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04-12-2022, 17:11

"MSX-DOS 2 in Konami SCC-Cartridge" because why not? Smile

By Gradius2

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05-12-2022, 01:15

Welcome back.

By edoz

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08-12-2022, 15:15

Very nice Bas!

By fpracek

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11-12-2022, 08:20

Thanks for your support Bas

By ddehaan

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11-12-2022, 11:58

Bas has helped me out several times with some component i needed and he's also a very nice guy. If you're in need of Parts, contact Bas Smile

By hbarcellos

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13-12-2022, 17:54

Awesome! Instantly subscribed to his YouTube channel.
Congratz and keep up the good work!

At YouTube, It's like Jan-Beta on steroids! Smile

By AnsiStar

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14-12-2022, 19:31

Hi! My son and i were playing Fantastic Football. The hardware is
a Sony Hit Bit. I did not use this computer for some years.
While playing there came some smoke out of the computer. Although
i was leading i switched everthing of. My question: Is Bas Repair the
right adress to ask for some help?

Many regards and greetings...

By defdanny

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18-12-2022, 15:23

Hi AnsiStar, when my Philips VG8235 had some problems with the video output back in 2021. I contacted Bas by e-mail. He did not hesitate to call me back directly via video call and guided me through the individual fault analysis steps directly on the open computer. The defective component was identified and a few days later I had received the spare part + instructions for installation.
I was so thrilled with Bas direct help. By the way, I suggested him to make some kind of "" for MSX, with video tutorials and so... well, I don't want to take credit for it, I'm sure Bas had the idea for his YouTube channel already for a while... but maybe I encouraged him in his decision.

So answer in short: YES, he is the right address for your problem, Iguess.
E-mail adress can be found on his website.

By AnsiStar

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18-12-2022, 17:36

Thank you, defdanny!!