MSX.ORG website slow

By tfh

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27-09-2022, 20:35

Recently the MSX.ORG website can become terribly slow while browsing it. Is this just me/my connection or do other people have the same issue?


By Grauw

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27-09-2022, 20:41

Same here, I first noticed it yesterday.

By selios2000

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27-09-2022, 20:44

Here, all internet in general is slow.

By Ivan

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27-09-2022, 20:50

I also noticed it yesterday. The response to requests is slow.

By geijoenr

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27-09-2022, 20:52

same here, very very slow today. Rest of the internet fine.

By wolf_

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27-09-2022, 21:54

Ah... same, I thought I'd actually have to accuse my Brave browser. But alas... that's 8-bit for ya. Wink

By Sylvester

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28-09-2022, 08:54

same here, a page load takes around 6 seconds

By ro

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28-09-2022, 10:22

Correct, MRC has been slow since about a week. We're looking into the matter. thanx.

By Manuel

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28-09-2022, 10:43

FWIW: Same issue here.

By Grauw

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29-09-2022, 00:23

Seems resolved.