Skeleton flying away in Maze of Galious

By Manuel

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12-01-2022, 19:14

Have you ever seen this:
Now, the question is:
- is it a bug in the game?
- a bug in C-BIOS?
- a bug in openMSX?
- something else?

I've tried to reproduce it in openMSX with C-BIOS, but I wasn't able to (I suspect it's some very rare condition...). Also, I have played this game A LOT, but I have never seen it. Same goes for Vampier and BiFi... Have you ever seen it?? Was it on real hardware?


By santiontanon

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12-01-2022, 23:03

WOW!!! hahaha. I played this game hours and hours and hours to learn every single corner when I was coding the remake many years ago, and I never saw that happening! But I was using another emulator back then. fmsx or blue I think, not sure which was the one that was popular at the time.

By aoineko

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13-01-2022, 09:40

I played MoG a lot on real MSX and on emulator, but I never saw this bug.
That said, I probably never died with Popolon in that spot.
When you are used to playing, these enemies are not really a threat anymore.