MSX cartridge problem on Sony HB-75F

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By hamlet

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24-01-2022, 19:16

"Load new commander?"
-John Jameson-

By friguron

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24-01-2022, 22:39

I'm amazed BTW at the half baked konami cartridge design for the arkanoid one. The back part shows the very same exact engraving as an original konami cartridge (the matte rough finish is here a micro lattice of bumpy small squares though)
The front part also shows the 3 bumpy stripes...

If someone invested time in creating these plastic injection cases, could it be possible to recreate a still more similar look to the konami ones? Just dreaming probably...
(I have to say i have the 90% of the geometry created in blender... unsure what to do to achieve that rough matte original finish though)

By Astuck

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25-01-2022, 14:54

@friguron : Sure it's a good idea for futur DIY games ! I've got no 3D printer nor Blender so my help is very limited to better pictures and take very detailed mesurements if you need.

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