Metal Gear 2 - Megaflashrom SCC+ - How to save? - How to create a empty Savedisk?

By Bjoern41

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03-12-2021, 18:03


it is me again. Smile

Hope someone can help here? Wanna play in the next days Metal Gear 2 english translated with my megaflash SCC+

So from what i`ve read the game itself runs from Cartdrige but when i want to save the game needs a Save DSK

So how is this working with the megaflash? Can i start a cartridge game and then save on da disk? And how do i create a empty disk to save on it?

Or does it work totally different?

Hope someone can explain it to me?

Thank you guys



By sdsnatcher73

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03-12-2021, 19:04

So you need to to flash the game with OPFXSD and the /U parameter. This disables the SD interface for the game so you can use the diskdrive in the WX to save with. You can format a disk from basic using CALL FORMAT command. In the game you should then just save to that empty disk.

By Bjoern41

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03-12-2021, 20:10

So you mean i have to save to a REAL disk?

Do you know what Discs the Panasonix FS-A1WX reads? DD or also HD?

By Manuel

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03-12-2021, 20:23

You can try a HD disk with the HD-hole covered with non translucent tape. Try CALL FORMAT in basic.

By foody

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03-12-2021, 20:59

I am ok for using real disk!! Smile Smile