Having issue with Logic to flash...

By foody

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30-10-2021, 08:19

Hey guys,

I am using MegaFlashROM SCC and I am having hard time flashing the game Logic. I flash it fine..everything is great, but as soon as I restart my MSX it goes back to MM or DOS...the game does not run. What am I doing wrong?

Here is a screenshot of the game running on BlueMSX to show you what game I am talking about.


By sdsnatcher73

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30-10-2021, 08:50

How did you flash it?

By foody

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30-10-2021, 08:53

I didn't. This is running from emulator to show a person what game I am talking about. But in MSX I type this:

opfxsd logic.rom

By Guillian

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30-10-2021, 09:55

The 48 kB ROM version of the game seems to work fine.
The 256 kB ROM version needs the /U option:

By foody

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30-10-2021, 19:31

Thank you so much! It worked.

By shalafi

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30-10-2021, 22:36

Yeah, there are like, 3 versions of the game. The one from MSX Dev (the large rom) detected the amount of ram and either uses MSX-Basic kun or doesn't (and runs very slow)

The newer version (48Kb one) requires a machine with 32Kb of RAM, and that made it not valid for the contest, but it's much smoother on transitions between rooms. That one is compiled with msxbas2rom

Thanks for trying it out!