CALL VOICE is Tadahiro's brand new mini album!

By Mr.Mouse

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29-10-2021, 20:16

We are proud to announce CALL VOICE, Oasis in 2op's Tadahiro Nitta's new mini album, to be released on November 6th on all major platforms. Physical CD's can be ordered from Amazon shortly after.

CALL VOICE announcement trailer

CALL VOICE features 6 new compositions by Tadahiro. All instrument tracks on the album were created by programming an actual MSX2+, recording the FM and PSG output, followed by post-production and mixing.

Dedicated to all who love MSX!

Previously, Tadahiro released an album on iTunes featuring 8 classic songs from his Microcabin days, called CLOAD.

CLOAD preview


By MsxKun

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29-10-2021, 21:04

Good job!

By Grauw

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29-10-2021, 22:59

Cool, I love Nitta’s work and the new productions are a must buy for me!

By the way, that is one epic spaceship in the trailer Big smile.

By sdsnatcher73

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30-10-2021, 07:17

Really cool this project keeps delivering! It seems this time the songs will be released to the streaming services so you can access them with a subscription to Spotify, Apple Music, etc. (all major platforms): Twitter post from Tadahiro Nitta

By SwissPanasonic

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01-11-2021, 08:58

CD order about from Mid-November. Nice !
Thank you Microcabin for your MSX support until the end and difficult era 1990~1994

By sdsnatcher73

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05-11-2021, 15:15

1 more day…

By ro

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05-11-2021, 15:36

Tadahiro Nitta needs to be a judge in MSXdev, not?