My experiments with openMSX

By Shinobi

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20-10-2021, 00:45


In my recent days, I experimented to make a cheap emulated little educational computer using RPi 0 to boot to openMSX, my real problem was making openMSX full screen without scaling to 2X or 3X, in RPi 0, I succeeded in making it fullscreen using Scale 2X, but we all know that it is faster in 1X scale..
After that I wanted to experiment with cheap Allwinner H3 Android TV box, I succeeded to download Armbian 5.90 with kernel 3.4.113, yes It is old from 2019 but only few number of Orange Pi PC OSes worked on it and this is the newest, my problemt also was openMSX is not stretching on screen when choosing full screen in modes 1x and 2x, I must make it 3x to make it full screen, and it is 20 to 25 FPS so it is slow..

openMSX downloaded from linux repositories is sometimes openmsx 0.12 ot o.14, I can't find 16 or 17..what is the issue??
and why openMSX less that 0.15 and below won't stretch in mode 1x..
I even tried retro orange Pi OS with openMSX core, and it is the same, this is a real problem??

I am thinking in compiling openmsx 16 on linux, but it's my first try and I am not that talented in linux yet, so any easy guide?? or can someone do it and show us the steps??



By Manuel

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20-10-2021, 09:56

The issue with scale factor 1 is that 80 column text modes and screen 6 and 7 look horrible. Using 2x shouldn't be very slow, especially not if the system you use has support for OpenGL 2.1, in which you can use the GPU for scaling using the SDLGL-PP renderer.

Why don't you try to compile the latest openMSX (17.0) on the platform? The basic instructions are here:

If you run into any troubles, you can just ask here and we'll try to help you.

By Shinobi

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20-10-2021, 12:16

I will try to compile it and see what happens and keep you updated