All MGS+OPX+MPK+BGM musics in 4 DSK

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By Parn

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03-01-2022, 19:24

selios2000 wrote:

I have created 4 dsk (hdd images of 33mb each) with all my music compilation to use with emulators, so you can easily listen to them on your phone, tablet, etc…

That's nice! Would you consider repacking your music compilation in a compressed archive to use on real MSX computers?

By da_Dude

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08-02-2022, 16:17

Thought I'd shoehorn my latest updated World Famousse VGM pack here.

Also, can someone make a Zip archive with the Folders/Content instead of MSXDSKMUSICS DSK's? [which are probably HDD Images?]

ThnX in Advance

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