SX|2 Available again!

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By bsittler

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12-05-2021, 08:23

I wrote Pause (a.k.a. Break) but I think it's wrong. End is used though (as Stop), likewise Page Up/Page Down. A layout with all these keys enterable without requiring an extra fn chord thrown in can be very nice. There's also a thread on connecting various USB keyboards to OCM already.

By AxelStone

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12-05-2021, 12:07

As I say in the other thread, connect a basic and cheap PS2 keyboard is the best option for me.

By Warchild

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15-05-2021, 06:20

For me the cheap keyboard is the best option too , as far it passes Nemesis test it’s ok.

I’ve not found a manual or guide for SX2, only a pdf for the SX1. My doubts now are about SD card use and power supply. I think all about SD card will be the same for both, but I’m not sure about psu. Probably the same too, but I’d like to know what’s the best option here.

Is there a place with more info? Maybe some forum thread you can point me to?

By hamlet

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15-05-2021, 09:06

I use a 5V1A USB PSU, which works great (as long you don't use too much power consuming carts, like a Rookie with disk drive Wink ).

By BignellaMSX

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15-05-2021, 12:05

You can get a full manual from the 8bits4ever google drive

By Warchild

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15-05-2021, 12:14

Just 1A? Good!! Big smile I want to use it with MFR SCC+ (old version without SD) and Wozblaster OPL4. I’ll try to power it with a 5V 3A powerbank and use a little monitor that works with battery too. Will be nice if it works this way, perfect for use while travelling.

@BignellaMSX Thanks a lot for the link!! That’s what I was looking for Smile

By st1mpy

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15-05-2021, 12:23

On the site it recommends atleast 1.5A

By hamlet

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15-05-2021, 12:31

Better get the 1.5 Amps than. Wink Especially if you going to use power consumin' carts.

By 8bits4ever

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18-05-2021, 13:27

If you want to be on the safe side with the power supply, get a high quality 5 volts 2A, center positive jack-barrel-type PSU. USB PSUs will always have voltage drop.

By Haze

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31-05-2021, 11:53

Just checked and the form seems open again for another batch of orders:

Don't know for how long though. :)

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