Group Buy Panasonic/Sony Keyboard Membranes

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By Wierzbowsky

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20-03-2021, 17:42

I think we bought all his stock. Smile

By fr3nd

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21-03-2021, 10:42

It's all sorted out, I contacted sdsnatcher73 by email, and he told me that he had spare ones. Smile

By Jimbo

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04-05-2021, 19:48


I'm quite late to the MSX scene and just picked up a Sony HB-F1XD that requires some repair work. One of them being the keyboard membrane.

So am I too late to join the group buy?

By meits

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04-05-2021, 19:51

You can contact Paulo yourself, but it will cost you quite a bit to ship just one membrane from Brazil.
A few months ago one of my Sony membranes died a bit, but I didn't feel to swap it with a new one yet, so I bought a conducting silver ink pen and drew a new line between the two points that were not connected anymore. Works a treat.

By Jimbo

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04-05-2021, 20:41

I was planning on something like that already, then I stumbled onto this.

Damn, missed the boat I guess. O well Big smile

I'm using a technique I've seen done on Amiga keyboards (seeing as Amiga used Matsui membranes too), which is a mix of using copper tape for the trace replacement and conductive adhesive to connect the copper tape to the original silver traces. The state of the membrane is pretty bad.

This will be a project of love as I knew it has issues like broken casing, floppy drive is dead, but I want to save it. It dose still boot up and cartridges work.

Sorry for long reply :)

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