Help assembling a FM Blaster

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By Pencioner

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03-02-2021, 23:14

If you unsolder that RAM chip which serves higher address bank you can use the card with twice as less memory Smile and test it for errors. If they are gone then failing one is likely the one you unsoldered, otherwise if they remain than it is one on board...

By Wierzbowsky

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04-02-2021, 16:03

Yes, if some tunes with samples are played with clicks and hisses, then RAM is likely to be busted. Replacing the RAM could be a good option.

By Pentarou

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28-06-2021, 23:18

Alexey wrote:

Also did you use the fixed firmware for GAL16V8D? The original firmware has some issues and the chip could be overheating.

Sorry for the thread hijack... Does the alternative firmware really fix the scorching hot GAL problem?
Where can it be found (If public)?

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