New tool to read openMSX savestates into MSX2 or FPGA

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By mcolom

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02-04-2022, 15:50

Grauw wrote:

That’s pretty cool! I wonder what’s wrong with the games where it doesn’t work.

Thanks! Smile
Well, it's simply that the tool can be improved, and I'm working on it just now and them.
Normally the problem is with the stack pointer (SP). I need to patch a zone of the game's memory in order to add my code to restore the registers and jump to the game's PC. Normally I put this code some bytes before the game's SP, with the hope that this memory will be available. Normally this works, but sometimes it causes some corruption.
Sometimes the game's SP in the the page the tools is running on with MSX-DOS and thus I can't access the memory of the game at the same time, and that forces the tool to pick some arbitrary high location in page #3. In some cases, that causes corruption too.
I have some trouble debugging the games which don't work, since it's usually on OCM that they fail. In the emulator normally they work well. I'm debugging with -machine Panasonic_FS-A1ST -ext Carnivore2 (or Sony_HB-F1XDmk2).
Luckily in the emulator seems to work quite well, so it should be the same with the real machines (I'll be able to check very soon).
I'd be good to have the OCM on openMSX, by the way!

By sdsnatcher73

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02-04-2022, 15:46

That’s indeed odd that OCM is not emulated in openMSX Wink

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