MSX Digitized Sound Generator

by MarMSX on 18-07-2020, 20:39
トピック: Development
タグ: PCM, sound

MarMSX developed tools and documentation on how to create digitized sound for MSX.
Digitized voices could be found in games like Snake-it, MacAttack, Oh Shit, International Karate and Bosconian.
The project MSX DSG presents tools and tutorials on how to add voices to your app, including MSX players with source code.
Sounds available in 1-bit and 4-bit formats.

Relevant link: MARMSX's website

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By ericb59

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19-07-2020, 09:09

Nice !

By Pencioner

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19-07-2020, 13:35

Yeah, great job, very handful. Thanks @MarMSX!

By alexito

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18-07-2021, 08:55

Wonderful !!! Thanks. Running Naked in a Field of Flowers