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By gdx

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03-02-2022, 03:07

Manuel wrote:

I understood that the character set (see page 1 of this thread) mostly contains partial characters. What I am interested in is how to produce these partial characters with the MSX keyboard.

On Korean MSX1, you have to enter CALL HANON, then press the 한글 (Hangul) key. Since then, if you type the key "ㅁ", "ㅗ" and "ㅇ", in the same order, you get the character "몽". If you move the cursor before entering the next part, you stop the making character process and get the partial character only.

By Manuel

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17-12-2022, 23:05

I've been playing a bit with the Danish Spectravideo SVI-728. It seems to me that there is no way to type these characters:
character 0xED, unicode 0x2205, ∅ (EMPTY SET)
character 0xE8, uniode 0x03A6, Φ (GREEK CAPITAL LETTER PHI)

But they are in the character set in the ROM... am I right or am I missing something?

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