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By donluca

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01-05-2020, 14:59

Thanks Grauw, just confirmed it.
Also, EOF character is shown as a narrow space, it might be easy to miss so you have to be careful.
I probably deleted it by accident.

gdx wrote:

I also have a little modified the cursor handling,

Speaking of which, have you made a small change so that if the cursor is at the top-most item of the list and you press up, you end up at the last item of the list? That would be handy for long menus.

EDIT: you read my mind Big smile

By Grauw

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01-05-2020, 14:27

If you enable the “editor.renderControlCharacters” setting in VSCode then the EOF character will show up as SUB in tiny print, which is the MSX EOF character (1AH).

Also BASIC files in ASCII format do not need this EOF character to be able to load them, so you can remove it, however if the character is left somewhere in the middle of the text file then yeah probably things will go wrong.

By donluca

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01-05-2020, 15:01

You can also enable that option from the View menu (at least on macOS).

Thanks again! Smile

By gdx

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02-05-2020, 11:53

I added batch file samples for MSX-DOS2 with some explanations.

By balduin

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23-01-2022, 14:39

Does somebody know how to add MgLunch with Multiboot Menu?
MgLunch is a fast ROM executer by ToughkidDev:

Thanks for your help!

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