Chibi Akumas Episode 1: Invasion... For MSX2 and MSX2+V9990!

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By keith56

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11-05-2018, 18:18

The font's aren't supposed to be small, it's supposed to use a custom 'CPC font' I'll get it fixed tomorrow!

On the CPC version I was using raster switching all through the game to get more onscreen colors (the CPC can only do 4)... with the 3rd level used it to make a 'water effect' where the river rose until the screen was filled... with the 4th level I thought of making the colors change...
The idea was based on Megaman... there's some enemies which illuminate the room, so when you kill them everything goes dark... I liked the idea of tying the player in a double bind, where they were torn between killing an enemy that was firing on them, but ending up in near darkness, or keeping the light, but having to dodge the firepower the enemy was spewing!

With the MSX2 and CPC+ versions there is smooth fading effects which looks far better than the original CPC

By hamlet

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11-05-2018, 19:13

Hey Keith! I like what you are doing and that your going to give away your game for free, when the stock is payed.
Just started to patreon you, but I don't like the fees patreon is going to charge. Near 20 % is too much, I would also prefer to send a donation via paypal. Anyway, thanks for that grand game!

By keith56

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12-05-2018, 01:35

Patreon take the fees FROM ME not the person donating. if you donate $1, then that's taken from the person giving, and the amount I recieve is $1-30%

I understand if people do not want to use patreon, that's your choice, but I do not want to use my paypal for this - I'm totally fine if that means people will not donate to me... I have to fill in tax forms in two countries as it stands, and submit all my earnings as part of re-applying to keep living here - there's no way I'm risking that for a few dollars of donations.

On a personal note, I'd like to say how important motivationally Patreon is... I've aimed to work a minimum 14 hours a week, every week (the equivalent of 2 full working days) because my patreons are 'paying me to'... now the fact that for most of the 6 months I've worked on this I've only been getting $3-$6 dollars a month is not the point... the point is people keep supporting me to keep working... a one off paypal donation does not do this.

For the record, to date I've earned less than $90 dollars on patreon, I've just ordered a $99 megaflashrom to properly test the game on the the cheapest disk emulator, and in the last year I've spent $1000 on a new camera and audio equipment to make my videos the best I can, and of course I gave away $40 dollars of T-shirts as prizes a few months ago... my point is, the patreon donations are just a token gesture to allow me to keep working like a madman putting everything I can into this project... which is, again why paypal just doesn't cut it, because $1 a month for 6 months by patreon will give me loads more motivation to make a new game... $6 today won't have anywhere near the same effect.

Testing and debugging has been going on for 6 exhausting weeks... and there have been plenty of times where I have felt like giving up, not releasing it and just keeping the game for myself... the thought that a 'few hundred dollars' of paypal donations were waiting at the end of it would not keep me pushing through that... the fact my patreons are continuing to pay me to keep working will allow me to keep pushing on when I no longer want to.

I get it if you don't like Patreon, that's your choice and you're free to not use it , but I don't like paypal very much either, so I'm afraid people will have to choose between my chosen sponsor platform of Patreon, or buying the game from PolyPlay

By keith56

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14-05-2018, 15:35

The last of the Betatesting Videos is live,
Showing the Turbo-R+V9990 combo, in 60FPS!
Check it out:

By ToriHino

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14-05-2018, 19:26

Now that is a difference in speed and smooth gameplay!

By valkyre

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14-05-2018, 19:44

Looking good. I've ordered my boxed version!

By santiontanon

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14-05-2018, 22:56

Very impressive speed!! btw, something that I think was ok for the "less-powerful" Spectrum/CPC/MSX1 versions, stands out as weird in these versions with more powerful computers: bullets that come out of enemies form these "vertical line patterns", because they only differ in "y axis speed", and not in "x axis speed". I think bullets that have some velocity in the "y axis" should have a lower velocity in the "x axis" (so that they have the actual same speed: sqrt(vx*vx+vy*vy)). In that way, they would form a more visually pleasing circular pattern, rather than the visually odd-looking "vertical line pattern".

By keith56

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22-05-2018, 15:44

I just realized, I had not yet posted the MSX version of the 'teaser trailer'
Check it out!

By keith56

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21-06-2018, 00:46

For anyone interested, I was interviewed on the Ep30 of the 'Press Play On Tape' Podcast, in which I discussed developing ChibiAkumas, and programming in general!
(Episode 30: Z80 Assembly with Keith from

By journey

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27-08-2018, 10:31

journey wrote:
keith56 wrote:

The MSX2 version includes the V9990 version! Both versions are on the same single floppy disk!
I'll make sure it's made more clear!
Of course this is only MSX2+V9990 - it doesn't work on CPC+V9990!

yeah! great news!
I was afraid I had bought the MSX2 version only!

Thanx! Cool


when will start the shippment?

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