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22-03-2010, 07:09


I'll translate like that because of the space: 22 characters on a line and 3 lines.

GAO, TO ENTER GATE (name gate)
<name gate> IS THE WAY, GO BACK
TO (name gate) FURTHER

By Sama

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22-03-2010, 07:45

That would hardly be understandable and on top of that incorrect. A correct translation is:

Gaou -
To pass through the <name gate> gate,
you have to defeat <name monster>
and obtain the <name> amulet.

I translated 'reiboku' as 'amulet', but literally this means something like 'spirit wood'. That didn't sound any cool, but maybe there are words closer to this than 'amulet'.

By Sandor

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22-03-2010, 17:54

The gate is in level 1
The monster is the boss monster of level 2
the amulet is behind the gate in level 1

Does this mean that you cannot complete the game without cheating?

By JohnHassink

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23-03-2010, 01:20

No, only that you'll have to return to previously visited levels to complete the game.

By flyguille

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23-03-2010, 19:48

I used the trick of loosing lives, each live you lose you starts a bit before in the map

so, if you starts with 99 lives, loosing lives, you can get everything, things that normaly where not thought to do.

things like to get an thing in LEVEL 2, going backward through a path on the left of the screen....

in that way you save a lot of time

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