second batch of ma-20 cartridge

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By Manuel

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15-01-2023, 19:01

I think you should just go for an internal upgrade. Ask an MSX hardware specialist...

By foody

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16-01-2023, 06:46

I have an MSX2 WavyJ23 Sanyo. Sorry. I am not going to slash, hacked and do surgery to my computer. I only do upgrades by cartridges. That is that. If there is no cartridge upgrade, then so be it.

By Briqunullus

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16-01-2023, 08:56

About a year ago, mr Nishi showed a MSX3 cartridge for existing machines. Haven't heard about it since. It's even unknown if this will be a full MSX3 upgrade or just the IOT part. Maybe we get lucky...

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