Which are the Best Multiplayer Action for the MSX

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By LeandroCorreia

Paladin (955)

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12-09-2006, 16:26

That´s it... In your opinion, which are the best multiplayer action games for the MSX, cooperative and duel style? Smile

My suggestions are:

Super Runner, Boxing, Warroid

And you guys, what do you think? Smile


By wolf_

Ambassador_ (9883)

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12-09-2006, 16:27

Bombaman, I'd say..


Enlighted (5837)


12-09-2006, 16:58

Cut, Bubble Bobble, Blade Lords, F1-Spirit, Gauntlet...

By pitpan

Prophet (3140)

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12-09-2006, 17:00

[promo]Duck Hunt! 1P vs 2P + duck-control makes it a 3 players game. Very fun to defy your friends and decide who is the best hunter. Problem: you need 2 light guns in order to play it like this. Check the BCN User Meetings photoshoots. Wink[/promo]

I love also Fernando Martin Basket Master (the second version), and -of course- Track and Field (Hyper Olympic) 1 and 2, and Yie Ar Kung-Fu 2 (specially when you combine it with Game Master so that you can select ANY of the different enemies as 2P).

But again, the MSX multiplayer game is IMHO Gauntlet. And Psycho Pig UXB and ... There are too many of them!

By snout

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12-09-2006, 17:07

Dogfight (download!). So simple, yet so entertaining! Could do with a CPU player though ;)

By Sylvester

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12-09-2006, 17:11

I would go for Super Laydock

By snout

Ascended (15184)

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12-09-2006, 17:13

ooh! that's a good one! Smile

By W76NearDark

Paladin (684)

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12-09-2006, 17:49

Can't remember the name. It was a (MSX1) game with tanks in a labyrint. 2 players at a time in (a vertical) splitscreen mode. Playing against a cpu player was possible.

By Patsie

Master (252)

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12-09-2006, 18:29

Runemaster 2, but then again, it's turn based

By ricbit

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12-09-2006, 18:43

Tetrinet is very, very fun; played a lot with friends.

By [D-Tail]

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13-09-2006, 10:13

F-1 Spirit 3D Special, Witch's Revenge (although turnbased), Kralizec Battle Tetris

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