Oniric Kung Fu by Oniric Factor released

Oniric Kung Fu by Oniric Factor released

by Pac on 14-12-2016, 10:31
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タグ: Oniric Factor

Oniric Kung Fu, the game of which we reported about last September, was released coinciding with the last 50th Barcelona MSX meeting. Oniric Factor has made available a physical copy in diskette for a price of 8€ and a digital version downloadable here

Relevant link: Oniric Kunf Fu (Spanish)
Relevant link: Oniric Factor shop (Spanish)

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  • Oniric Kung Fu by Oniric Factor released
  • Oniric Kung Fu by Oniric Factor released

コメント (12)

By Albert Pieter Dotinga

Resident (39)

Albert Pieter Dotinga さんの画像

14-12-2016, 12:40

Looks very nice keep up the MSX spirit
Does it work from sd or hdd?

By Albert Pieter Dotinga

Resident (39)

Albert Pieter Dotinga さんの画像

14-12-2016, 18:32

Its a bit unplayable..? But it looks great! I cant realy see the animation while hitting or kicking the enemy lol.
I tested it on turbor and a unmodified msx2

By Metalion

Paragon (1625)

Metalion さんの画像

14-12-2016, 19:28

Very nice Smile

By meckert

Rookie (18)

meckert さんの画像

14-12-2016, 19:28

Hi! I.ve tried to run it on MSX2 using SofaRun, and SD512 cartridge. After pressing F1 in menu, the MSX2 resets itself Sad

By Louthrax

Prophet (2465)

Louthrax さんの画像

14-12-2016, 22:22

Hi Meckert,

I guess Oniric Kung Fu is using some BASIC extension (NBASIC.BIN, maybe NextorBASIC ?), which does not work with SofaRunIt. Not sure why yet.

However, the file version is working (just copy all the files from the disk to a directory and launch AUTOEXEC.BAS).

By Albert Pieter Dotinga

Resident (39)

Albert Pieter Dotinga さんの画像

15-12-2016, 13:47

Hi louthrax i start it with start.bas... Works fine

By DrWh0

Paladin (839)

DrWh0 さんの画像

17-12-2016, 09:24

I like this one, a bit hard but is a good game Smile

By TheKid

Paragon (1238)

TheKid さんの画像

17-12-2016, 13:22

I have played the game on openmsx on MSX2 and Turbo R and in both cases the player disappears when pressing Left + UP, or DOWN ?? Anyone else have the same problem ?

By jorge.romero.9655

Master (147)

jorge.romero.9655 さんの画像

17-12-2016, 15:12

Hello, I'm Jorge from Oniric

That was a very old bug from the Beta version in SevillaRu02. I have been testing again the Digital version and works fine, please download it again from:


The game have been developed using Nestor Basic.

Some tips from the manual (i have not write it for digital version yet):

Not all the hits have the same effect, high kick is stronger but predictable, front punch has an average damage and low kick is quick but weak.

DON'T abuse from the same kind of attack, you will be predictable and your enemies are inteligent and vindictive.

Use your Jump ability to confuse them and attack at very short distance. Never Keep yourself in a static position. Keep moving!

Thanks for your interest!

By TheKid

Paragon (1238)

TheKid さんの画像

19-12-2016, 10:59

hmm, I downloaded and tried this version with the same result.
I am using cursor keys with openmsx. Philips nms 8255. WIth turbo-r it is the same result.

By giuseve

Paladin (786)

giuseve さんの画像

31-12-2016, 16:40

this is a really nice game.
It would be simply the best making it more .. playable.
The AI and the movements are a bit strange.
I'm thinking about YeAreKungFu or KungFuMaster with simple combination and clear movements.
Do you think it could be a next improvements?


By hamlet

Scribe (4106)

hamlet さんの画像

15-01-2017, 15:17

Mine arrived today!
This is much fun!
Thank you guys!
I bought my last MSX disk back in the 90´s, happy to get a game on DD again!