Penguin Adventure Slot Machines

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By meits

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25-01-2016, 17:59

Seen that on TV when he came to the States to be "tested". He missed quite often. He is quick, but every circumstance must be exactly right for his timing.

Done the slotmachine thing as well in my playthrough. When in een emulator you can assume he did the "rewind trick" until he got it right.

By Guillian

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25-01-2016, 18:09

ren wrote:

So actually the reel is spinning the values from this array, and when space is pressed it stops right there? Smile

Yes, that's right. In each iteration the non set positions are updated. Then it checks if space was pressed. In that case sets one of the results.

By MäSäXi

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27-01-2016, 20:30

Guillian wrote:

Also the slot machine is updated 50/60 times per second. So, for a human, I think it is matter of luck.

No, it´s not! Smile You just had to watch those symbols very carefully and hit the spacebar at the exact moment. Three grapes and cherries were really easy to get, I think Konami logos weren´t hard either. Three Penguins may have been a bit harder, but definitely possible.
I remember one pal often got 3 Penguins quite easily.
Smile Smile Smile <--See here!

By deepshell

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27-01-2016, 20:34

@MäSäXi, interesting! What you are writing matches with this FAQ:

"It will however require supreme concentration to get the machine to stop on three of a kind. You need to focus on making sure each line stops on the same sign."

But what exatly were you watching for very carefully and what was "the exact moment" to hit the spacebar? I don't get that...

By MäSäXi

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27-01-2016, 21:57

I was watching the symbol I wanted to get. Smile If I wanted three lemons, I watched carefully for them. Smile I think the exact moment was to press spacebar when wanted symbols were on the winning line. Smile It was that easy! Smile Start practising! Smile

By Guillian

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28-01-2016, 00:10

Just put a breakpoint in BlueMSX or openMSX in the interrupt handler. Each interrupt (50/60 times per second) the reel is updated. Furthermore, the keyboard status is checked before that. So you actually must press space before you see the real selected items (^_^) Funny, isn't it?

By Wild_Penguin

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02-02-2016, 16:19

As a kid I used to listen to the music. You needed to make the "x" unit of time same as the beat of the music!

Another way that increased my luck was to press the space time at the same at according to the looping music. This certainly increased my odds! 3x lemons was very easy and others quite common to get, too (but I've always thought 3 x sculls is way more rare than 3 x penguins!).

I also remember trying to see the symbol I wanted to get and press one cycle after it, since it did seem the symbols were cycling (I don't think you can have fast enought reflexes to press the space as you see the symbol). But the music based technique worked better for me, and made it easy enough to win fish (and later I got good enough in the actual game I really didn't need the slot machine at all) Smile

By Vampier

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02-02-2016, 20:06

This is what I did once.... I was so disappointing!!

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