SofaRun v2.0 bug report thread

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By bobrocks95

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24-07-2021, 09:48

The game boots with mglocm, but I cannot get the save function to work. The readme for the patched versions say to use F2 to save and F4 to load. However, F2 gives me a game over and F4 brings up the old built-in tape saving menu the game has by default.

Am I doing something wrong?

By Murilo Carmello

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18-08-2021, 04:42

I have an Expert 1.1 and an SD MAPPER.
With version 8.0 when I try to load any Mania file, the msg:"Computer reset and hold down the [CTRL] key until a beep is heard" appears, but even when I press the key I get the same msg.
It only works if I change the configuration to simulate the CTRL key.

By Manuel

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18-08-2021, 10:27

Is that a problem?

By hando

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08-02-2022, 17:05

I am enjoying using Sofarun.
I have one question.
The game I'm trying to play is ROM data.
It saves to a floppy disk.
It would be no problem if I had a real machine, but my desk space is getting smaller.
I use the SX-1mini+ as my main MSX.
I play most of my games on Sofarun, but for this game
I need to start rom with the disk mounted for saving.
Is this possible?
The image files exist for both ROM and disk.

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By Lazzeri

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16-04-2022, 02:17

I’m setting up a SM-X and I am having a bizarre problem with Sofarun.

Video HERE

In the same boot, same machine, same specs:

- Sofarun 3.2 works perfect, loads a ROM and all.

- Sofarun 8.0 won’t work. It keeps switching screens like if the ESC key was kept pressing - but it’s not, you can see that on the video.

Any ideas? Tips? Suggestions?

EDIT: found Sofarun 7 on-line. Same error.

By gdx

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16-04-2022, 09:44

I think this is a bug from the SM-X. It is presented in the video below with Sofarun in 40 columns mode probably because it doesn't work in 80 columns mode.

By Lazzeri

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16-04-2022, 14:41

Lazzeri wrote:

I’m setting up a SM-X and I am having a bizarre problem with Sofarun.

Video HERE

It seems to be a problem with joystick port 2. It is not detected as a joystick on HIDTEST and button B is stuck as pressed.

Now I must figure out if that’s a firmware bug or a problem in my board’s assembly. oO

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