MMM cartridge + MSX -> ColecoVision's games

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By hbarcellos

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07-11-2020, 12:11

TaylorsEverythingChannel wrote:

Okay, also, I'm busy for SMSPower because I've converted C-BIOS for the SMS. But I will catch up with you guys.

That’s amazing!!!
You see, sometime ago (several years actually) we were discussing that idea of what a real MSX 3 would look like.
My personal idea was (and still is) that, if they hadn’t decided to move to 3do, MSX 3 would be something really close to a Mega Drive.
I then suggested that, possibly converting MSX bios and even hacking MSX basic to it (as if I remember correctly has a z80) plus creating a special cartridge with support for SD storage + keyboard interface) would give us a nice msx3 born with support to an amazing library of games and software.

Same could be done, way easier of course, for an sms. Exactly what you, apparently just did with cbios.
Btw, apparently there’s now a way to request MSX original bios directly to the owner in Japan. Maybe you can try converting it directly...

Ps: Some would say that, when we started this discussion back then, the outcome was the creation of the franky card (by sansoniq).

By TaylorsEverythingChannel

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07-11-2020, 13:25

You can always see the activity in the MSX to SMS section.
Although this is still a ColecoVision to MSX for Franky / MMM section.
If the regular C-BIOS reads a ROM for a second, this version automatically starts it.

By gdx

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08-11-2020, 08:49

I added Frantic Freddy.


By gdx

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09-11-2020, 08:47

I added Spectron.

By gdx

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11-11-2020, 10:06

Another nice game converted. I added Frostbite.

By TaylorsEverythingChannel

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11-11-2020, 15:02

OMG, I hope that user responds to this.

By ~mk~

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12-11-2020, 03:49

Wow!!! Thank you GDX and Taylor.
Can't wait to try these on my MSX Smile
No Franky or MMM cartridge for sound, but should be playable without sound if I am not mistaken (COM format)

By ducasp

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12-11-2020, 22:36

Guys, do those conversions work with Franky? Thinking that putting a Franky inside SM-X might be my next project, of course it will be a lot easier to add and test the SN76489 first and the VDP afterwards.... Tongue

By alexito

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12-11-2020, 22:39

Testing GDX (COL4MMM) MSX TurboR(512KB) + Playsoniq + MegaSCSI(DOS2)

Youtube Video

Games Tested:

Frantic Freddy
Frost Byte

Thanks again, GDX

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