openMSX port for Android

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By Manuel

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16-01-2014, 08:32

Vampier, read again his point 5 in his last post, it's not what he meant.

By Vampier

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16-01-2014, 21:43

oh the save state screenshot Smile oops!

By giuseve

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18-01-2014, 15:18

OK, but at the moment using all the powerful stuff of OpenMSX seems to be a little bit trick on a tablet.
In effect also the PC Version is not so easy to use without a GUI. I red you 're working on it: tons of line commands are very difficult to manage.
Maybe a new GUI for both PC and ANDROID version with all the options you can set in OpenMSX is very necessary and also a new help file for the new GUI.
If you are thinking about it, it would be a pleasure for me to help you with the translation in italian of the new GUI.


By Manuel

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19-01-2014, 14:54

it's a long term project, don't expect new GUIs very soon. But it's definitely on our TODO list.

By Alex

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20-01-2014, 21:21

Android version of openMSX 0.10.0 release can as of now be installed directly from google play.

By alexdedalus

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02-03-2020, 03:47

I have a TVBOX with Android 4.1 and openmsx version 0.15.

But I can't get the emulator to recognize my ROMs and DSK, because when running the emulator, it doesn't leave the opening screen.

I don't know exactly which folder is right to put the DSK and ROM files.

By Manuel

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02-03-2020, 07:46

Can you show me what you are seeing?

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