Zanac Ex cheat

By Oscar

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15-10-2012, 10:31


I am trying to access to the stage selection using diferent keys combinations from different webpages but none is working. Does abybody knows the correct keys? Thank you!


By Sandor

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15-10-2012, 15:18


Did you try this?
Push the joystick north, reset the game, but keep pushing it north all the time.
You will be able to choose an area from 1 to 10.

Found on Generation MSX

By Oscar

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15-10-2012, 20:35

Well, I have not tested this with a joystick in port 1 or 2, just tested with cursors/keyboard. I am trying to find my joypad Big smile

There are some combinations for this cheat:

Main title, CTRL+C+"+" and left/right cursors to select stage

Main title, CTRL+C+"["+"]" and left/right cursors to select stage

Push the joystick north, and Reset...

But none works, well I must to check again the last.

By meits

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16-10-2012, 18:48

I did this cheat without any key combos with a disk version... With ROM version that won't work... Just tested...

By Oscar

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16-10-2012, 19:21

Thank you Meits! I went crazy trying this cheat! oO

By max_iwamoto

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17-10-2012, 05:40

If you hold key from 1 to 7 when select start game/continue and press space to start the game while still holding numeric key, you'll start game with weapon 1..7

This is works on ROM version. There is more cheats, but I don't remember them now.

Also if you play basic version of ZANAC-EX with 7 16KB files and load 7th file into debugger and remove 5th "dec (IX+16)" in the file, you'll have unlimited flashing and nobody be able to kill you.